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the IKEA lack table, repurposed stylishly

I put off working on this project for almost two years.  I was nervous to get started on modifying the IKEA’s “lack” tables.  I came across a website, Ikea Hackers, from my Pinterest page.  I was immediately drawn to the picture and knew I had to make one.   I wanted to repurpose the table to give it a high-end feel to the apartment.   The outcome … Read More the IKEA lack table, repurposed stylishly

chic chevron wall canvas

I had a huge large wall dilemma behind our couch.  I kept thinking to myself, what do I want to fill up the wall space with? Inspiration #1 Ikea catalog Collage of pictures with the letter M in the corner (M for Medina, my husband’s last name) Pro – beautiful collection of our wedding pictures and travels Con – have a lot of pictures of us up on the bookshelf and … Read More chic chevron wall canvas

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