Belle – Owner, Creative Director, + Avid Handcrafter 

Belinda (or Belle) currently resides with her husband and son in Northern Virginia.  She is the creative director and lead design of merry lavender Event Planning + Design.   When she is not planning, designing, crafting or working on her website, she enjoys spending time with my family of four, preferably outdoors. She look forward to her yearly trips to Texas to see her parents, siblings, and best friends.  She revels in her free time with one of her favorite pastimes being afternoon tea at nice venues with her girlfriends.

Canan – Party Planner Assistant
Canan comes from a big family that always lends their helping hands to one another, whether it be to their siblings or their parents.  She is a reliable person with a great work ethic.  She became a dear friend of mine and I brought her on to help make this an A-Team.

Mike – Editor-in-Chief
Belle’s other half, whose support for her talent is unyielding.  He loves to have friends over and knows that Belle likes to entertain with flair. When she have an upcoming project or event, she knows she can count on him to help out whether it’s setting up, cleaning up, or loading the car to put away the decorations.  Mike also helps to make sure that her site conveys and reflects merrylavender Event Planning + Design.

Max + Maddie – Inspiration/Cheer Leaders
These little kiddos remind Belle why she is working hard to make this event planning and design into a successful career, but also reminds her to smile and have fun with the process.

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