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watercoloring for relaxation

Every time I look at the sky, I see a beautiful array of colors. The ones that catch my eye are the colors of the sunset. “If only I could capture that in a painting,” was my initial thought. At that moment, I told myself that the only medium I could use to recreate the picture would be watercolor. So I went out and … Read More watercoloring for relaxation

drawsomething app ~ on an iPhone

I love to draw!  I was flipping through my phone camera roll and noticed that I had screen printed some of my favorites from the app, DrawSomething.  Let me tell you, when the app first came out, I was addicted, having 10 games going at a time.  After a couple of days of obvious drawing,  my friends quickly guessed.  So I decided to challenge them a bit and decided to draw things … Read More drawsomething app ~ on an iPhone

Hello World!

Hello All! I wanted to first start off by saying, hello to everyone who will be taking a journey with me with my crafting baking, and fashion endeavors.  I am a nervous wreck, hoping that this will actually go somewhere.  Nevertheless, I am ecstatic and filled with joy as I type up these words and bring you all the things that I have made with love, … Read More Hello World!

Sunset at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

I have recently went on a cruise with my husband and his parents. Here is a picture that I took, after I have felt the need to take a snapshot of the lovely views as we embark on to the next island.

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