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the IKEA lack table, repurposed stylishly

I put off working on this project for almost two years.  I was nervous to get started on modifying the IKEA’s “lack” tables.  I came across a website, Ikea Hackers, from my Pinterest page.  I was immediately drawn to the picture and knew I had to make one.   I wanted to repurpose the table to give it a high-end feel to the apartment.   The outcome … Read More the IKEA lack table, repurposed stylishly

bookcovers for art

Over the past three and a half months I have bought books, non-stop.  My addiction to young adult fantasy & romance, thriller, and adult romance has gotten me to about 20 books alone through Amazon. I absolutely have to have hardcover books. The sturdiness allows me to not have to worry about the creases in the spine of the books and slightly worn edges.  I … Read More bookcovers for art

semi-upholstery complete!

project #3 – two seat cushions I finally finished the couch! All the pieces are finally done. I put together the two seat cushions with the white duck cloth (heavy fabric, that has a canvas look and feel to it), put together the four pillows, and finally the two accent pillows. All in all, it really made our apartment look more spacious. How did … Read More semi-upholstery complete!

chic chevron wall canvas

I had a huge large wall dilemma behind our couch.  I kept thinking to myself, what do I want to fill up the wall space with? Inspiration #1 Ikea catalog Collage of pictures with the letter M in the corner (M for Medina, my husband’s last name) Pro – beautiful collection of our wedding pictures and travels Con – have a lot of pictures of us up on the bookshelf and … Read More chic chevron wall canvas

nifty plant labels

This year I am about to find out if I have a green thumb, or not. Fast forward to last Friday.  I went to check on my veggie garden that I have left alone for a little over two weeks.  I did not have to water the plants because of the consistent rain.  I was SO ecstatic to find an abundance of green roma … Read More nifty plant labels

then there are four large pillows

project #2 – the four large pillows After I finished with the accent pillows, I eyed the four large brown pillows on the couch.  It looked like a lot of work, especially because this time, I wanted to add invisible zippers.  It reminded me of the days when my mom had me work on some alterations and invisible zippers were her thing.  I recall watching her put them … Read More then there are four large pillows

couch makeover, almost a cinch!

project #1 – the accent pillows About two years ago, my in-laws dropped in for a visit and took a quick tour of our apartment. At that time, we only have a few things: a television on the floor, an air mattress in the bedroom, and two high chairs by the high counter for when we eat. The thing is, I had my eye … Read More couch makeover, almost a cinch!

decorative wall art, made out of toilet paper rolls

My wall space above our French doors were bare and needed some pop. I had come across The How-To Gal blog’s page, and knew I had to make this. Below is the finished product after working on this for about a week (spray painted it silver). My hunt for collecting over 40 rolls took about two to three months. After a month, my wall … Read More decorative wall art, made out of toilet paper rolls

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