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EVENT: sweet baby girl / baby shower

Theme:  Flowers Colors: Purple, Teal, White, and Gold Quote: Let Her Sleep, For When She Wakes, She Will Move Mountains My husband came home to say that I had a prospective client (his co-worker) who would like for me to decorate their colleague’s baby shower.  Did I say yes?  You bet!  I was unsure of what the mother-to-be would like, as I was told that … Read More EVENT: sweet baby girl / baby shower


DIY: money lei ~ for the graduate

Yay!! My cousin Peter just graduated from high school!  I wished him the best of luck as he prepares for college in the fall, and encouraged him to enjoy the adventure to come.  The first time I made a lei, it  was actually for his sister’s high school graduation a few years ago.  You can see the flower lei I have made out of … Read More DIY: money lei ~ for the graduate


EVENT: a royal, peacock themed cocktail hour

Theme: Peacock Colors: Bronze, Teal, Turquoise, Purple, and Azul I was super excited when I was asked to create some Cocktail Hour signs for my friend’s wedding.  When they reached out, the couple said that they would totally  understand if it was too much to ask or if I was too busy to do it.  Are you kidding? I love these two, and I … Read More EVENT: a royal, peacock themed cocktail hour


EVENT: Leopard Prints and Shades of Purple for a Bachelorette Party!

  Theme:  Leopard Prints Colors:  Purple and Gold Quote: Time to Drink Champagne and Dance the Night Away Have I ever told you my favorite color? It’s purple. I absolutely love all shades of purple! A friend of mine approached me wanting to help plan her friend’s bachelorette party. She didn’t have much experience planning such events.  While that can be a bit challenging to work … Read More EVENT: Leopard Prints and Shades of Purple for a Bachelorette Party!


Bon Voyage! Graduation Party

If you want to know where I get my inspiration from, it’s my auntie. If you think I’m crafty and have an eye for all things auntie is that and more. Recently I stayed at her house for a weekend. She was away with her kids (my cousins), for a sporting event. One of my cousins qualified for the state finals! Yay him!! … Read More Bon Voyage! Graduation Party


Max’s 1 Year – Where The Wild Things Are

My original plan for my son’s first birthday was to have a space-themed party, but after I read him the book, Where The Wild Things Are, I knew I had to change everything.  For two weeks, my sole purpose was to DIY on the decorations. It became a routine, craft by day (at work, during downtime), and bake at night. Here is one of … Read More Max’s 1 Year – Where The Wild Things Are


DIY: Mustache and Lips ~ Oh My!

I created mustaches and lips for my guests at my own Gender Reveal Party.  If I was in a pinch and didn’t have the time, I would have spent $15 or so on Etsy.  However, during the early part of summer 2014, I had just moved to Virginia. I had no job, little $$$ and plenty of time on my hands for DIY and … Read More DIY: Mustache and Lips ~ Oh My!


Gender Reveal Party ~ Baby Medina

Even before my pregnancy, I knew that I wanted to have a Gender Reveal Party.  It seems to be an increasingly popular trend these days, and a new wrinkle to the traditional baby shower. In addition to celebrating the forthcoming child, you the get the added bonus of learning the gender of your child with family and friends (usually in some type of creative way). For … Read More Gender Reveal Party ~ Baby Medina

the IKEA lack table, repurposed stylishly

I put off working on this project for almost two years.  I was nervous to get started on modifying the IKEA’s “lack” tables.  I came across a website, Ikea Hackers, from my Pinterest page.  I was immediately drawn to the picture and knew I had to make one.   I wanted to repurpose the table to give it a high-end feel to the apartment.   The outcome … Read More the IKEA lack table, repurposed stylishly

bookcovers for art

Over the past three and a half months I have bought books, non-stop.  My addiction to young adult fantasy & romance, thriller, and adult romance has gotten me to about 20 books alone through Amazon. I absolutely have to have hardcover books. The sturdiness allows me to not have to worry about the creases in the spine of the books and slightly worn edges.  I … Read More bookcovers for art

chic chevron wall canvas

I had a huge large wall dilemma behind our couch.  I kept thinking to myself, what do I want to fill up the wall space with? Inspiration #1 Ikea catalog Collage of pictures with the letter M in the corner (M for Medina, my husband’s last name) Pro – beautiful collection of our wedding pictures and travels Con – have a lot of pictures of us up on the bookshelf and … Read More chic chevron wall canvas

nifty plant labels

This year I am about to find out if I have a green thumb, or not. Fast forward to last Friday.  I went to check on my veggie garden that I have left alone for a little over two weeks.  I did not have to water the plants because of the consistent rain.  I was SO ecstatic to find an abundance of green roma … Read More nifty plant labels

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