Theme: Peacock
Colors: Bronze, Teal, Turquoise, Purple, and Azul

I was super excited when I was asked to create some Cocktail Hour signs for my friend’s wedding.  When they reached out, the couple said that they would totally  understand if it was too much to ask or if I was too busy to do it.  Are you kidding? I love these two, and I said of course I would love to!

The “tricky part” was that they wanted me to come up with the signs all on my own, because they trusted my creativity.  While I was flattered by their confidence, I needed some type of direction. This wasn’t some weekend party, this was their WEDDING! And I wanted it to be something that they’d really love.

I needed some inspiration so I looked no further than my husband’s custom wedding attire (he was one of the groomsmen) which was teal and bronze.  That was my starting point and I built my initial vision around those colors.   Eventually, after much begging and pleading with them on what the theme and style of their wedding would be.. they gave me a sliver of info– – peacocks!  So I let my creative mind run with it even further.

To be honest, I found that making the wedding decor was very therapeutic for me.  I was really happy that what I was creating, would displayed on their special day.  It meant a lot to me to have this role in the wedding of two people that I really care about. Little did the bride-to-be know, that it was my goal for her to really love and be really blown away with my work. So I kept in contact with the groom-to-be, Raj, regarding my progress. I could not have been happier when I saw their reaction to what I had made. The look on her face (and his) said it all.  My heart swelled with satisfaction.  My mission – completed.

I recently took an expensive calligraphy class.  Was it worth it, heck yes!  The teacher, Michelle Fritz was an amazinggggg and patient teacher (www.meanttobecalligraphy.com). I wish I could afford to take her continuing class again *hint hint to my husband*.   If you live around the Washington, DC area, I highly recommend you take her 3-hour class!  You can also follow her on Instagram, her work is beautiful.


So, with some light practice from her calligraphy class and viewing tons of videos and photos from Instagram (for inspiration), I came up with these signs below.  I love my Letraset Markers (found on amazon.com).


I also added some felt flowers, in addition to the  peacock feathers, to give it a nice romantic feel. The result, awesomesauce!



The day of the wedding:




Here’s my outfit that the couple’s cousin was soooo kind to let me borrow.  Isn’t it lovely?  I wanted to repay her by making a nice sign for her family (So if you are reading this, the offer still stands ^___- ).  Oh yea, my son is on the right.. I had to keep him distracted, while I got ready.

Henna Art:
Beautifully drawn by Ayesha Shakeel www.facebook.com/uniquemendhidesigns




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1 Comment on “EVENT: a royal, peacock themed cocktail hour

  1. LOVE this ! You’re extremely talented, and I’m so happy you liked the dress . You looked like an indian princess! ❤

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