Theme:  Leopard Prints
Colors:  Purple and Gold
Quote: Time to Drink Champagne and Dance the Night Away

Have I ever told you my favorite color? It’s purple. I absolutely love all shades of purple!

A friend of mine approached me wanting to help plan her friend’s bachelorette party. She didn’t have much experience planning such events.  While that can be a bit challenging to work with, it was also a blessing. I incorporated all of her input, but also had the freedom to add a lot of my own personal touches.  A win-win!  Overall, it turned out to be a great success.

One thing that was helpful (earlier in the process) was that I was asked to incorporate leopard prints. While it was a start, I didn’t think that using just black, brown, yellow-orange, and gold colors would do the trick for the bachelorette party. It needed something extra. I gave my friend the homework of finding out what the bride-to-be’s favorite colors were. Sure enough it ended up being purple.  It worked out well, since the purple tamed the wild leopard print.  I believe that that was the extra I was looking for. The purple added a softness and “girlie girl” touch.

I sketched out my vision and ran it by her to see what she and the other bridesmaids thought. She loved it, and then I started gathering my materials to create some fun and wild bachelorette decor.

First I worked on the banner. I used:
– black fabric glitter
– Elmer’s glue
– scissors
– letters that I printed on Word doc and cut out and traced
– brown craft and black paper (cardstock)
– animal print cardstock (in this case, my friend gave me a 5 pack folder on clearance for $0.88!)
Fiskers SureCut Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer 12″ (I use this for everything!)
Staple’s Paper Trimmer (the link has the decorative trimming that trims for you!)
– some scrap cardboard paper/box
– stapler
– jute rope
– hole puncher (smaller than her average paper hole puncher for binders)
– gold metallic fabric paint (to give it that gold sheen off the brown craft paper)
– foam brush
– hot glue gun

If you noticed on the materials list, I included cardboard paper.  Why?  I love how it gave a little pop, adding depth to the banner. So if you are trying this at home and you have time, why not just apply the back of the letter and the banner with a hot glue gun?  I assure you, it looks more appealing that a flat surface.  Think, 2-d.



What’s missing:  Tier of cupcakes with leopard diamond cupcake topper.

Aside from the banner, I wanted to make sure that there was another big visual interest to add to the party.  So I piggybacked on an idea from a previous event I designed for, and came up with a sign below.  I saw one on Pinterest that had originally said “Time to Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table.”   However, I was told that it would be a more chill bachelorette party – probably no clubbing, but they do like to dance.  So I reworded  it to the phrase below.  I think it was perfect!

I knew I had to incorporate the glittered champagne bottles for each of the guests.  It did not take much convincing and she was floored when she saw these.


Don’t the chevron diamond straws on the glittered champagne adds a nice wow factor?

I also wanted to have some type of party favors for the guests. I convinced my friend that a survival kit was a good idea and I would make it fun!  I sewed and hand stamped the bags.  I included the necessities : band-aid, lotion, tylenol, ibuprofen, cramps meds, q-tips, etc..



Calligraphy on point! #ftw


I had made some cupcake toppers upon the request from my friend.


I had help from Shawna’s baubles and belle diamond template to help create the cupcake topper that I needed.





Perfect rosette frosting makes me happy!




Lastly, I won over my friend with some DIY wine glasses with leopard print paint.  This took a lot of time to make, but overall, it was worth it.  I loved the name tags I hand-lettered and personalized them for each of the girls *swoon*!

I love treating my guests with goodies at parties.  For this event, I wanted to make sure that these girls felt pampered.  They came away with glittered champagne bottles, leopard printed wine glasses, survival kit bags, and lots of memories!

NOTE:  I was unable to attend the event and set up the decorations.  I was away on a vacation that was planned months ago, but I did set up the decorations to how I had envisioned it and showed it to my friend so she could display it the same way at the party :).

UPDATE:   Success!  She mentioned that everyone loved and raved about the party favors and decor.  So much so that even the bride-to-be reused the sign at her wedding! 

To be honest, I wanted to do more. Some of the other ideas that I wanted to incorporate were purple rock sugar candies and “I SURVIVED” creaseless hair ties…But, I had a budget to meet and cut cost.   I was really excited about the project and I had a bunch of really great ideas.  But because of some budget constraints I was a little bit limited in what I could do, and I felt a bit overextended.  Nonetheless, I gave the project my best and instead of cutting corners, where more money could have helped, I put more effort on the handmade DIY side. Just because I wanted to see the project successful.


merry lavender event design + planning
{Bachelorette Package: $200}

Any print/color theme of your choice**

  • 1 – bunting banner
  • 1 – ‘Time to Drink Champagne and Dance the Night Away’ chalkboard sign, posted on cardboard
  • wine glass, painted
  • glittered champagne with straws
  • emergency kit bags, hand made (items inside not included)
  • emergency kit bag fillers
  • survival kit sign
  • hairbands “i survived” creaseless hair ties
  • hard rock sugar candies with flags
  • drink glass labels per guests with their name in calligraphy
  • name tags for kit bags, personalized name in calligraphy
  • diamond cupcake toppers
  • Rental of the: tablecloth, table runner, garland for the party, and includes 2-hour set up within the DMV area (or $150 without the rentals and set up).





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Would you like me throw an event just like this for you?  I can make this happen for your special occasion!  Feel free to reach out to me via or the form below.



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