If you want to know where I get my inspiration from, it’s my auntie. If you think I’m crafty and have an eye for all things pretty..my auntie is that and more.

Recently I stayed at her house for a weekend. She was away with her kids (my cousins), for a sporting event. One of my cousins qualified for the state finals! Yay him!! During my stay, my son and I played in each room and some boats in her sun room caught my eye. They were big, and upon a closer look, they were definitely handmade. Knowing my auntie, she was the one who made these. I told her they were fabulous and she did a great job! I didn’t even asked if she bought it. I just knew.

She created these sailboats for a girls graduation party. She insisted that they were rushed, but since she’s so talented, her “rushed” still came out amazing. With her permission, I am going to share with you the process of how she created these sailboats!  They are pretty easy to make as long as you have some time and patience.

– lots of hot glue sticks

– glue gun

– scissors

– ruler, pencil

– rope/twine

– fluted polypropylene “plastic cardboard” 36″x72″

– two different girth of wooden dowels

– drill (to drill a hole) *optional*

– grommets

– sewing machine, white thread

– miniature anchors decor

– alphabet stickers

– collection of seashells
Step 1:
Plan accordingly, and gather your materials. You can get your plastic cardboard at Home Depot.


Step 2:
Your hands will hurt from all the measuring and cutting is the boards. This was trial and error. Cut to the size of the sail boats. You can make the insides anyway you’d like.  Now get ready to go through bags of hot glue sticks! 



Step 3:
You will need to make hole in the middle of the boat, to anchor the wooden dowels as your sternum. Upon closer look, you can see many rectangles plastic cardboard a were used to make the wooden dowels sturdy. Glue as necesary.


Step 4:
Use your hot glue gun and apply the jute rope around the rim of the sailboats.  Snip off the excess rope.


Step 5:
Cut out a piece of paper, to see how you’d like the shape of the sail flags to look. Afterwards, use the paper as a guide, and trace them onto the fabric. Here, my aunt liked the patterned chevron look.


Step 6:
You can whip out your sewing machine and serge the edges for a clean look. You can forgo the sewed edges, if you do not have a sewing machine. Next, take the grommets and apply them to the three corners of the sails. Here, she used rope to tie onto the wooden dowels for a more realistic looking. Use the anchor decorations to spruce up the look of the sails boats.



Upon entering the party, the kids walked underneath the arched balloons. She created a flag banner for a warm invitation to the party!


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