decor3Even before my pregnancy, I knew that I wanted to have a Gender Reveal Party.  It seems to be an increasingly popular trend these days, and a new wrinkle to the traditional baby shower. In addition to celebrating the forthcoming child, you the get the added bonus of learning the gender of your child with family and friends (usually in some type of creative way).

For a while, I stored away ideas and inspiration on my phone and Pinterest. When I learned that I was pregnant, my excitement grew because I was able to begin work on all of the ideas that I had stored away. The big day was on August 31st, and I knew that in order for my ideas to come to fruition, I needed months to make them happen.

I wanted our guests to be involved so I created a Cast Your Vote table. I went onto tinyprints and ordered an invitation. I built my inspiration around this color and design.  The theme colors were sky blue, pink, and white.


Invitation ~ My inspiration for design.

Invitation ~ My inspiration for design.



My checklist of essentials that I wanted to have at the party:

– Cast Your Vote table
– Dessert table
– Old Wives’ Tales area
– Photo Backdrop (instagram style)
– Prizes for the winners who guessed the right gender
– Buffet table



Cast Your Vote! I hand drew with chalkboard marker paint. I LOVE how easy these markers are to use and how smooth they write.

mustache lips

Hand made mustaches and lips for photo taking opportunities.  I’ll have a separate post of how you could make these!



Ina Garten’s very own recipe of Beatty’s chocolate frosting. I absolutely love her recipes, so fail-proof!


Lovely sugar cookies, made by yours truly. I had a lot of patience this time, to slowly decorate the crowns and whales. I adore the M’s.


Partial view of the homemade desserts table setup.

dessert table, cast your vote table, and divider table



Old Wives' Tales area ~ I made these for people who needed help with deciding if they think it is a girl or boy.

Old Wives’ Tales area ~ I made this as a “resource” for people who needed help with their guess.


The party was a success!  I loved the facial expressions and all of the compliments that I received from friends and family who have attended.

Photo backdrop, painted and oil pastel by yours truly.

Photo backdrop, painted and oil pastel by yours truly.


DIY:: Mustache and Lips here.



As you can see, we are having a BOY!  We are thrilled to finally know what the gender is and to finally be able to decorate the nursery.


Get ready… set…


Go! BLUE!!!


Super excited~


20140906-094805.jpg – Italian wedding cookies (I tweaked the recipe to make the cookies softer)
– Vanilla cake mix with Ina Garten’s chocolate frosting recipe
– Pink and blue rice krispies
– My cousin’s homemade crackled lemon cookies (divine!)
– Sugar cookies
– Red velvet cake
– Team Pink in a milk bottle – Muddy Buddies






~*Party Planning*~
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I c
an help plan and setup your event! (DMV area)

Would you like me throw an event just like this for you?  I can make this happen for your special occasion! Feel free to reach out to me via message.


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