I put off working on this project for almost two years.  I was nervous to get started on modifying the IKEA’s “lack” tables.  I came across a website, Ikea Hackers, from my Pinterest page.  I was immediately drawn to the picture and knew I had to make one.   I wanted to repurpose the table to give it a high-end feel to the apartment.   The outcome was a success!

My friends, Olivia and Iram, kept urging me to work on it and that they would help me if I needed it. The only thing that kept me from moving forward was the upholstery nails itself!  I determined that I would need  about 1300 nails (to cover all four sides of the table).  I kept an eye on Amazon, hoping to find a good deal, but the best I could find was $120.  (so I figured that I’d save up and put this project on the back burner)

Per my usual weekend routine, I swung by MaryJo’s and lo and behold, I found upholstery nail tacks!  I quickly calculated the cost.. and would you know?  I saved more money at the fabric store over Amazon. It was roughly $62, that saved me $53! WIN!


How I started the project:

I decided I wanted to individually nail in the tables with the antique silver nails I have found.

I measured out the spacing of the table with a pencil and marked where I would hammer in the nails.


I saw that MaryJo’s recommended a rubber mallet.  I did not want to spend $9 on a mallet that I doubt I’d reuse.  So instead, I used: my own hammer, leftover heavy duck cloth fabric, and a rubber band; I created my own make shift cushioned hammer.  It worked really well, because you don’t see the “metal on metal” mark on the nails, while  keeping the nails protected.



And then it was hammer time.  I wanted to ensure that the lines where as straight as possible and evenly nailed in place as I could.  I have to admit, it was very difficult.  As you can see below, I started from the top, then nailed the bottom, then skipped to the bottom, and finally nailed the sides.  I just wanted to see pieces of the nailing come together.

But it got a little tricky when I started nailing the bottom of the top half of the table. Also, I needed to keep it stabilized, so it would not move. I went to Lowe’s and found me the necessary materials.


Since there was already an existing hole in the bottom of the table, I flipped over the side of the table and pulled out a drill driver. I drilled each of the four holes through into the bottom of the legs. Then I had to drill in the nails from the underside of the top table into the leg of the nails. Mission accomplished! The table itself is now sturdy and sound.



The end result…

I say stylish and contemporary!



Project spent & materials:
– 2 Ikea “LACK” white tables at $9.99 each
– 55 bags of 25 count matte silver nail heads at $1.19 each / $66.37
– 4 wood screws #10 x 3-1/2″ flat head phillips
– drill bit and drill driver
– pencil to mark areas of where to nail
– time, patience, and math.

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