Whenever I visit Washington DC, I crave cupcakes (particularly the red velvet) from Georgetown Cupcakes. I still remember my first bite; I fell in love. The cake mix was so moist, the frosting was light and airy, and was not cloyingly sweet. It was perfect! I instantly realized why their cupcakes were such a hit and why people were routinely waiting several minutes or even hours for their cupcakes!

Since I don’t go back to Washington as often as I’d like to, and since I love to bake – It’s only natural that I would try to find the recipe for their signature cupcake and put my baking skills to the test.

I stumbled upon Pop Sugar Food’s website and read over the recipe about 10 times and watched the video for about 5 times.


Here is what I have learned:
– The butter:  should definitely be at room temperature.  Mix on medium then high until mayonnaise like consistency and then add the sugar until light and fluffy (it took me almost 5-6 minutes)
– The eggs:  fully incorporate them into the butter/sugar mixture one at a time on “stir” mode, but only enough where you no longer see the yolk.
– Red coloring & cocoa powder:  mix together for a few seconds ahead of time, and set aside.
– Frosting:  the butter and cream cheese should both be at room temperature. Afterwards, I would put  them in my mixer stand and beat them at medium-high 8, for about five minutes (sometimes a little longer until I feel like the butter/cream is a mayonnaise like consistency).  When I add the sugar, I let the mixture become fluffy (looks like mashed potatoes).  In doing so, this will allow the frosting to become airy.







This recipe was heavenly and scrumptious! Remember, just be patient, and the outcome will be rewarding.

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