Every time I look at the sky, I see a beautiful array of colors. The ones that catch my eye are the colors of the sunset. “If only I could capture that in a painting,” was my initial thought. At that moment, I told myself that the only medium I could use to recreate the picture would be watercolor. So I went out and bought myself a watercolor painting set, sketch book, and watercolor paper; and drew some pictures.


I started small, but it became a huge project. I drew a koi fish, with the colors that I had in mind. (I was too nervous to color so I set the picture below, aside, and looked online for some inspiration.)


I came across this simple, yet beautiful design by Riki Zarris own Aqua Purple Chevron Print. It looked like she used oil pastels for her medium (“I have to try to use that someday…” I thought to myself). Afterwards, I started sketching and got my watercolors out and ready to paint. As you can see below, I filled in the lighter colors first (just in case I messed up, the darker colors will overlap the lighter colors).


Then I went out and bought UK’s Letraset brand of Metallic Marker, and outlined the lines in ‘rose gold’.




I am very happy with the overall look. Well, I wished my red was more magenta-fushia color.. I just could not make it happen with the limited watercolor paint set. I call it, Bring Back the Retro. I cannot wait to frame it with a white matting border along with a black frame to give it a pop.

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