I love to draw!  I was flipping through my phone camera roll and noticed that I had screen printed some of my favorites from the app, DrawSomething.  Let me tell you, when the app first came out, I was addicted, having 10 games going at a time.  After a couple of days of obvious drawing,  my friends quickly guessed.  So I decided to challenge them a bit and decided to draw things in a less-obvious and round-a-bout way- haha!

Here are a few of my favorites. These are not the best. I have seen far better out there. But I enjoyed playing, not to mention, drawing on an iPhone was quite a challenge!



The picture on the left, is what I drew myself as a “girl.”   I often use this picture as my profile picture for other social media programs.



Feel free to start a game with me on DrawSomething username: sunshinebelle

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