My wall space above our French doors were bare and needed some pop. I had come across The How-To Gal blog’s page, and knew I had to make this.



Below is the finished product after working on this for about a week (spray painted it silver).

classy and decorative wall art, made out of toilet paper rolls
My hunt for collecting over 40 rolls took about two to three months.

After a month, my wall art décor started to sag and droop in the middle, and it was not pleasing to the eye. With all the hard work I put into this tedious project, it needed to be salvaged. The answer, “framing the art itself!”

So as you can see below, I bought some square dowels, that can be bought at Lowe’s Home Improvement for about 98 cents a yard.   I used a hot glue gun  to hold together the structure.




The picture below showed my first attempt at making a frame around the toilet paper wall art.  I had used Aileen’s Tacky glue.  Although it adheared well..  the hot glue gun was much faster to work with.

IMG_42181[1] IMG_3629[1]

The final product? Much better, it’s defined and has structure! I was very proud of myself.

** What I have learned on my second time around **
– I used a large paper cutting board to help speed up the process of making each of the rolls into individual strips.  The board really helped with making the strips even and clean.
– Regular Elmer’s glue is just as good as Aileen’s tacky glue, to glue the toilet paper pieces.  The regular glue takes a little longer to dry.
– I used a hot glue gun, to stick the dowel to the art, because it was much easier and faster to use.


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